26 – Charcoal

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 Prior to the recent financial crisis, Charcoal was a minor street vigilante who took down the normal gang members and drug dealers normal for heroes.  However, he has recently got the public attention with his sudden change to high profile action against people people deemed to be responsible for or exacerbating the financial problems.  Although very unpopular with the police for breaking and entering into the houses of the rich, he contacts the person in question threatening a reveal incriminating information unless they donate almost their entire fortune to charity.  If not, he leaks the information to the press.  While mainly equipped with just night vision goggles, bodyarmour and a crowbar, even the worlds most experienced spy agencies are currently uncertain as to his true identity.   He has had mercenaries sent after him but beat them senseless to the point of leaving them in intensive care while leaving the corrupt rich fearing they will be next.

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