#26 “Quick” Quique Rojas

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Universe/Storyline: Quick and Gold Dust

Height: 4’ 11”

Body Type: Long arms, skinny, hasn’t quite grown into his shoes yet. Hitting puberty.

Hair: Black, slicked back kinda randomly.

Eyes: Dark brown, pretty much black. Hidden behind big glasses.

Race: Latino

Age: 6th grader

Attire: Quick tends to wear t-shirts and shorts, in the manner of most boys his age. (As pictured here in a shirt featuring a familiar logo.)

Powers: Quick is mildly precognitive and empathic. He occasionally has dreams of traumatic future events, which he is only sometimes able to prevent. He is a very good guesser. He can finish people’s sentences (and often does), and sometimes he feels what others are feeling even if they are far away by just thinking about them. These last couple skills get better the more he knows the person. Quick is only slightly abnormal, and someone like him could easily exist in the real world today without anyone knowing.

Personality: Quick is smart, like unbelievably smart, which makes him a little cocky. But generally he is sweet. He likes to share random trivia with his friends and large family, or, if none of them want to hear it, his pet catfish, Bark. Any time he has a dream about someone being in trouble, he tries to help that person. Only his mom and a couple of siblings know about his dreams.


Role in the story: One morning, Quick wakes up from a strange dream that he can hardly remember. He wakes up with a weight on his chest, and beneath both his blankets and his shirt finds the Golden Book. Quick is the Reader of the Golden Book, which means only he can even see what’s written inside. Once the book appears, strange things start to happen. People all over town are being threatened by dark shadowy figures called Lead Shadows.


Quick has a dream about a girl dying in a school bus crash when one of these shadows attacks. He saves the girl, Serena, and she becomes indebted to him. When next they meet, Quick reads to her from the Golden Book, and she becomes the Golden Guardian, sworn to protect the Golden Reader from the Lead Shadows. The unlikely duo fight off the shadows and search for the Leaden Book, which needs to be shut in order to stop the flow of shadows.

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