#28 Lead Shadows

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Universe/Storyline: Quick and Gold Dust

These creatures of darkness vary widely in size, shape, opacity, etc., and, like Gold Dust, they can change their shape at will. In fact, they share many similar powers with the Golden Guardian: they can also phase through walls, generate darkness (as opposed to light), touch someone and make them depressed (as opposed to happy), and increase the weight of objects, including their own bodies. One special power they have is invisibility. The light generated by Gold Dust reveals them when they are hidden.


The Lead Shadows are meant to be the opposite of “light” as represented by the Golden Guardian. As such, they are dark, and also heavy, both opposites of light. They can make themselves heavy enough to crush, while Gold Dust can only make herself light. They are destroyers, while Gold Dust only has the power to destroy them. One interesting aspect of the Lead Shadows is their ability to weigh down a person’s spirit, causing them to sink into a depression. Gold Dust can counter this with a simple touch.


No one is sure exactly where the shadows come from, but it is written in the Golden Book that somewhere in the world is a Leaden Book from which the shadows are generated. It is Quick and Gold Dust’s quest to find the book and close it forever.

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