28 – Rita Jongleur

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Rita Jongleur is a 30 year old woman who lives  in Sao Paulo, working as a waitress to support the side profession of a musician at night, but although she is not fully aware of it, she is actually considerably more than this.  From a young age people found there to be something utterlyterrfying to their core if they tried to outstare her.  She also never got ill or even took any injuries.  As she got older, people discovered her music – there is something incredibly hypnotic about it – even playing a known tune there is something about it that prevents people from stopping listening to it.  Later there was revealled a strange thing – extra-dimensional threats absolutely ever happened within a hundred mile radius of a certain street in Sao Paulo.  After they studied the phenomenom – they realized that it centred upon Rita – and incomprehensibly – this was because she was the human embodiment of the universe, and potentially the most powerful being in the universe.  She however remains unaware of this, although she does use her limited powers for good, no one dares let her know of the full extent of her existence for fear that she may begin to use it…

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