#29 Clay

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Universe/Storyline: Quick and Gold Dust

Height: 5’ 9”

Body Type: Strong once, now aging and growing frail.

Hair: Long for someone his age, gray.

Eyes: Blue-white

Race: White, Texan

Age: 61

Attire: Clay always wears a gray cowboy hat and matching gray vest. Under that he typically wears a collared work shirt with long sleeves. His pants are any of a variety of worn out and stained jeans. The shoes are, of course, cowboy boots (varying colors).

Powers: Clay is the Silver Reader. Like Quick, he woke up one morning with a book on his chest, and discovered he was the only one who could see and read what was written inside. Unlike Quick, Clay does not have any psychic powers, but he does have great wisdom that comes with living alone among nature for many years.

Personality: Clay is a quiet and thoughtful man. He prefers to be a hermit, living only with trees and animals rather than other people. He’s been off the grid for so long, he doesn’t know exactly how old he is for lack of a calendar to keep track of the days.

Every day he’s alive he considers precious; he knows the balance of life and death better having to hunt for the meat he lives off of.


Role in the story: As the Silver Reader, Clay’s role in the story is to promote neutrality by conserving the balance between Lead and Gold. It is written in the Silver Book that lead darkness will take the world unless the golden light is bright enough. Clay’s book also holds many secrets about the other two books, including where they are at any given time.


Gold Dust can meet with Clay only when Quick reads a particular passage to her from the Golden Book that allows her to teleport to his location. Clay is wary to help her at first, since he hasn’t been around people in a long time and seems to have a problem with them. Any help he does give her is only in an effort to restore the balance. He doesn’t want her to close off the flow of shadow completely.

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