30 – Beryl Jones

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In a remote part of the Welsh Coast there is a lonely penninsula, and on this there is an orchard, a few houses and a lonely Inn – the Green Lion.  It’s a small establishment mainly frequented by locals, and of course the people who travel for a taste of the pear cider.  No one is entirely sure where the pears originated from, but at the back of a perfectly ordinary orchard is a single ancient tree that still bears fruit.  These pears are brewed separately to the others – and sold only to visitors willing to pay exhorbitant prices.  The reason, is that the Cider has various properties – it extends life, causes any ailment to not be cured but to permenantly stabilise.  Most famous perhaps of it’s abilities are the ability to see the future and how to change it, making it very highly sought after.  Beryl Jones is the latest member of the family to own the business – while she only appears 16 years old, she is well into her 30s due to the effects of the cider.  The owners of the establishment tend to live for many years until they eventually leave home and disappear for ever.  They wear the blindfold while serving the cider because even the presence of  the vapours in the eyes can cause prophetic-hallucinations in someone who has been exposed to the cider for so long…

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