#30 “Silver Shroud”

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Universe/Storyline: Quick and Gold Dust

Silver Shroud is a gray wolf that Clay encountered in the wilds on the day the Silver Book came to him. Clay had been absent-mindedly reading aloud from the Silver Book, adjusting to the sound of his rarely used, raspy voice. The lone wolf had been silently stalking him.

The words of the book reached the ears of the wolf, and as he pounced upon Clay, he was transformed into the Silver Guardian: a silvery and translucent ghost of the wolf he had formerly been. He passed right through Clay, unable to touch him.

Unlike Gold Dust and the Lead Shadows, Silver Shroud remains permanently intangible. Unable to touch the world around him, he is the epitome of neutrality. He is still able to teleport, change shape, and phase as the other Guardians do.

The silent guardian watches over Clay, and occasionally teleports to other places to see and be seen, but this is the extent to which he has the power to affect the world. He seems well resigned to his fate, and spends much of his time keeping Clay company while he reads from the Silver Book.

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