Day 28: “Freedom” Flare

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Character #28, “Freedom” Flare. She gave herself that name.

“Freedom” used to be a teenage girl who considered herself nothing special. She was always very annoyed with injustices she’d see on the news. One day, she kind of got… really mad. On the news was a case of a man put to death, unjustified. This drove her to such a passion to right people’s wrongs that it awoke an energy inside her that’d been passed down from generation to generation, waiting to wake up. This was the Light Flare. It transformed the girl into a being, solely composed of spirit light. It took a long time for the girl to experiment with her powers, and she figured out she could swap between this new form and her human form. Over time, she found out the light form could skate around as if the Earth’s surface were a slick skating rink. She discovered the other light dimensions, which she could skate right up onto, like gravity alterings. After discovering her light form didn’t need to breathe and could explore the ocean depths and the expanses of space, she finally made a large decision, the decision to stay in light form forever. She doesn’t yet regret it, she loves feeling so free.

After her big decision, she renamed herself “Freedom”, because she could go wherever she wanted now. Her movement includes skating around with those tiny feet, like the world’s an ice skating rink. She is just pure light, she needs not to eat, sleep or even breathe.

She has a big thing for justice, and will go around like a super hero, rebuking those who “commit injustices”.

Around the world somewhere, there is one who contains the Dark Flare. When it will awake, no one knows…

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