#13 – Redbreast

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Redbreast used to be a young computer genius on the edge of the law. Magpie uncovered a criminal plot that was to exploit his talents and recruited him for his side. Through rigorous physical training, he became an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and uses the rocket wings for flight even better than the far bulkier Magpie.

He invented most of the new accessories the pair uses for crime-fighting, like a slightly radioactive tracer fluid that looks like bird-poo for tracking criminals.

Later finds out about Magpie’s doublecross and decides to kill him and assume his identity as the new Magpie, using his dead partner as a front and finally regaining a private life.

However, in the end he is unable to pull it off and tries to save Magpie in an heroic effort, but fails.

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Sam is a prized comicbook artist from Germany. He is co-founder and head teacher of the first free school for comicbook arts (est. 2003), located in Munich, Germany.

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