#19 Natalie

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Okay so it is clear that I’m not going to be able to put all my characters in considering half of them are half baked. But here’s another, named Natalie.
She’s super nervous and insecure and dilly dallies and procrastinates all the time, except no one knows that. They think she’s a confident, super awesome, super intelligent person.
This is because she can stop time and she does so all the time so she can decide and make choices. She got this power by making a wish on her 10th birthday that miraculously got granted. Now she will stop after almost every spoken line and may debate what the best thing to say is for at least a half an hour. She doesn’t improve and become a person who can make good choices because she uses the power as a MAJOR crutch. People on the outside see her as the calm, collected, clever person she spends hours formulating.

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