#19 The Winter Witch

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Of all the tales spoken throughout the Realm, the story of the “Winter Witch” is one of the best-known ones.  For nearly 100 years, people has spoken of a strange castle sitting in a field of snow…right on the edge of the Utari desert.  The snowfall is limited to that small area around the castle, and no one knows why.

Many tried to enter the castle.  None were heard from again.  However, some years ago, the traveler Roland Cale succeeded in not only entering the castle, but evading the castle’s traps and defeating a terrifying guardian machine.  Upon reaching what was the castle’s throne room, Roland met the Winter Queen.  After a fierce swordfight, Roland defeated her, but refused to take her life, as, incredibly, he was falling in love with her.

The Winter Queen’s true name is Yasmine.  She does not know how long she has been in the castle–she was apparently born there.  Despite hazy memories of people who might have been her parents, she is the only living person there, with robotic servants taking care of her needs.  She had to fight off several intruders to her castle, and yet, she was still very much all alone.

Roland agreed to stay with Yasmine, and during that time he investigated the castle.  Apparently, a device far below the castle not only draws power from the earth to power the structure, but it creates a field which greatly slows the aging process.  Yasmine, then, although she looks to be in her early twenties, could be much, much older.

There was another result of Roland and Yasmine living together–Yasmine gave birth to their daughter Daphne.  For the first time in many years, Yasmine was not alone.  Roland did not realize it at the time, but he had given Yasmine an irreplaceable gift–a family.

Yasmine eventually convinced Roland to continue his travels as long as he could.  Despite his initial reluctance, Roland agreed, but took with him a unique device that allowed him to communicate with Yasmine and Daphne.  He promised to return after he reached the city of Kilth.

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