23 – Queen Qobra

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… continued from Character #22, The Awesomist…


Trent Day’s inauguration as President of the United States of America just after the turn of the millenia would go down in history as one of the most tumultuous eras in the history of the world.  The popularity of extranormals was at an all time high.  As the founder of the now global Constellations and trusted intermediary to all things super-powered, Day won his election bid in a landside victory.  Spending all his time in his gilded form as the Gold Gladiator as it slowed his aging, allowing him to live out his life with his seemingly immortal wife, Wardove, Day’s swearing in as Commander in Chief was a momentous and picturesque occasion.  The celebration was short lived, however.

As Day uttered the final words, cementing his place in U.S. history, chaos reigned from the sky onto the Capitol steps.  While the attending Secret Service agents, Constellation heroes and hidden Secret Soldiers were ready for any number of terrorist strikes, they were not prepared for the sheer number of enemy combatants that fell from the sky led by ex-Constellation Serpens, now operating under the guise of QUEEN QOBRA!

Nadia Septemus, under the codename Serpens, was a standout operative in the U.N. Constellation program whose cunning in combat was legendary in the organization.  Due to operational parameters and standards, a mission in the jungles of Central America resulted in the destruction of a small village and its population.  Angered that her organization was responsible for these unnecessary casualties, Serpens left the Constellations and went underground.  She founded the Soldiers of the Serpent as first a mercenary group and then as an underground movement to wrest control of the world from those, in her eyes, responsible for the turmoil it is constantly suffering.

Discreetly funded by the notorious Reine de Chance, Soldiers of the Serpent are armed with cutting edge armaments and empowered by a synthetic derivative of the extraterrestrial virus that gives many of the world’s heroes their extraordinary abilities.  The virus grants the soldiers invulnerability and super strength.

Finally ready to make their presence publicly known, Queen Qobra chose the Gold Gladiator’s momentous inauguration as her stage.  The hundreds of serpentine soldiers descended on the crowds were met by the numerous government agents and extranormal operatives in the crowd.  The newly sworn in President and First Lady led the charge meeting the Queen in a battle that engulfed the capital city.

While battle raged outside and national monuments crumbled under superhuman might, a light began to blink in a small room adjacent to the Oval Office.  In the dimly lit space a crimson light pulsated and a low hum emitted from a golden beacon given to, of all people, Trent Day by a trio of extraterrestrial visitors in a remote Michigan forest a quarter of a century ago.  The Danaians were returning.  The thundering conflict in Washington, D.C. was stilled by the appearance of numerous ships slowly falling to Earth from the void beyond.  Heroes and villains alike watched wide-eyed as the ships landed, their portal doors opened revealing…

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