24 – Combat Controllers

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… continued from Character #23, Queen Qobra…


Mounted on beasts of the species to which the infamous The-Many-Who-Are-One belonged, Danaians in battle armor left their vessels and entered the war torn city of Washington with strange devices held high, pulsating with golden lights.  It was later revealed that the original Many-Who-Are-One monster was sent to Earth as a test to see how far along the Danaian-born virus has changed humanity.  These warriors spread out among the frozen masses, thousands of eyes following the pulsating lights held aloft.

The Man of the Moon hovered impassive over the scene as memories flooded back to him.  He remembered keeping his lonely vigil over the Earth, looking away from his home world out towards the universe.  It happened fast, there was a flash out in the void, like a distant supernova, and then the lunar guardian was not alone.  A pair of heavily armored lepidopteran soldiers stood before him flanking a large metallic container with something big thrashing about inside, a black hole beast.  While one Danaian invader shot the Man of the Moon, the other released their captive predator.  The Man of the Moon fought the beast with all his might to a standstill, leaving the beast buried beneath the surface of the moon and him unconscious at the bottom of crater of his own making.  This battle cleared the way for contingency of Danaian “first contact scouts” to visit Earth.

When all alien soldiers were positioned throughout the city, and other cities around the globe, they all began to chant, in unison, in their insectile native tongue.  All extranormal individuals, heroic and villainous, empowered by the alien virus, real and synthetic, released on first Danaian visitation, found themselves enthralled and moving toward these mounted Danaians, the Combat Controllers!

The gathered extranormals dropped to their knees as one before the alien warriors, all eyes glowing and pulsing with their control rods.  Government agents and Secret Soldiers alike braced for the inevitable attack from the Danaians.  They were unprepared for the simultaneous transformation of all virus infected individuals into…

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