#24 – Ambrosia the Ekros

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The Ekros, being giant avian creatures, are well known for their ability to battle from the skies. Ambrosia is one of these war aviators. With her trusty wings and her jet  backpack, Ambrosia slices through the skies of distant worlds at breakneck speeds, always searching for a new quest. Her home life was simple and her life story a bit dull, so she’s always had a never-ending thirst for adventure and glory. As a result, she tends to get in over her head, and is always itching to move somewhere. She feels most at home in the skies, and gets twitchy whenever she’s forced upon the ground. Ambrosia’s a bit naive, and can be a bit careless and even cruel. Her selfish desire for adventure and recognition sometimes blinds her to what’s right.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Scifi

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