#24 Cassy

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Lady Cassandra is one of the victims of Negotio (day 9), ue to his mistakes at spinning her destiny, the once mighty warlord was reborn as a girl.

But Cassy is not the only one, her five childhood friends (now her guards) have the same problem, but they were once women.

While her firends don’t really mind Negotio, she is often very angry and struggles with her temper, which is very inappropiate for a princess, who she is.

She wants to be taken serious and secretly wishes for a best friend.

Her guards often drive her mad, since they are all a bit clumsy and sometimes act quite childish.

Cassy just fails to notice, that they are trying to catch her attention.

She uses to have dark visions of the near future and hardly anyone believes her.

One of her guards, Apoll, is angry with her, because she refused his proposal.

Cassandra is searching for a way to break the „curse“ of negotio.


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