25 – Neotitans

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… continued from Character #24, Combat Controllers…


Around the world, all of the genuflecting, virus-infected extranormals entranced by the Combat Controllers’ control devices all levitated into the air as one rotating to face away from their alien directors, eyes pulsating with golden energy.  The relatively small time villain Maximilian Mote was lifted into the air and twisted into unusual contortions as his size altering powers were drawn from his body and turned onto the collected superhumans in the thrall of the Controllers.

Letting out a collecting scream of pain, that haunts all who heard it to this day, these superhumans once again transformed.  Drawing energy and materials from their surrounds to their beings, these heroes and villains all began to grow.  When the process was completed and the already battle-damaged capital city was even further emaciated, the extranormals who once served and preyed on humanity were transformed into metallic behemoths collectively known as NEOTITANS!

This transformation went largely unopposed.  A blast from Blue Bazooka’s namesake weapon knocked her Secret Soldier teammate, the Azure Aviator, from the sky. It remains unclear whether this blue beam or the meteor fragments beneath his skin prevented the airborne avenger’s subjugation as a Danaian puppet soldier.  The now President Day watched helplessly as his wife was transformed into an inhuman metallic colossus almost in mockery of his own appearance, as his Elixir-born golden shell seemingly protected him from the controller’s calling.  This bestowed protection was shared by the equally metallic Ms. Mercury.  From the shadows of an undisclosed location, Korvus Kain watched these proceeding unmoved and untransformed.

Serving as the invading Danaians as a forward force, the Neotitans, under the direction of their Controllers, began to prepare Earth for occupation by its new masters.  These indestructible juggernauts leveled cities and militaries the world over imposing martial law and crushing all who opposed the Danaian warlords.

America, like the rest of the world, was in shambles, ruled by extraterrestrial invaders and their homegrown human weapons.  The remaining, free superhumans continue to fight a resistance to their alien oppressors, hoping to stop the approaching full scale occupation of their planet.  To aid in their fight, the Enforcer’s Secret Soldier initiative produced…

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