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When she was younger, Biata’s parents would drive from their home in the suburbs to Kiev’s premier ice skating rink. They had aspired to have a gold medalist in the family. However, once she was dropped off, Biata would wave, watch their car drive around the block & instead head the complete opposite direction to a derelict warehouse. It was there where Biata engaged in rap battle after rap battle, gaining chops & becoming Ukraine’s preeminent MC.

Fast forward to the present day, where the 19 year old is Europe’s top grossing hip hop act & a worldwide sensation. Selling out shows from St. Petersburg to Johanesburg, Biata is a fullblown hip hop phenom. A few times, certain venues barred her, citing her management’s mafia ties. But rabid fans petitioned social media & made those concerts happen. The only market she’s yet to fully crack is the US. But she’s slowly gaining steam through featured appearances & the occasional mixtape. Her next album though, slated to be titled “AKA Kalashnikov” is sure to change all that.


‘Female Russian Rap Prodigy’ was on my jumpoff list. I opted Ukraine instead, but you get the idea. I created her less with a story in mind, but thinking a lot more that at some point, I’m going to have a story where characters are listening to ridiculous music, why not make that up now. Originally, I was toying with making her a supervillain, with like terrorist ties & maybe explosive powers of some kind. But I think it’s better if I just play it kind of plain & normal on this one. Never had to draw a fur coat before. That was new. That aside, I like this character a lot. I’d like imagine that her MC style is pretty grimey & rough given the accent but it contrasts soaring Southern rap synths she’s over top of well. But it’s music in a mute medium so ultimately it’s up to you.

(It also hiccuped as I tried to post this the first time so sorry if there’s a double post situation)

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