#25 – Cookie

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Also known as the Demon Photographer, Cookie’s one true love in life is her collage-like photography work. She takes photos of interesting people or objects, prints them, and cuts them into pieces. She arranges the pieces into odd formations or creatures… and for some reason, these assemblies of photographs have a habit of coming to life. Cookie never seems to be aware of this… despite the fact that they often walk off as living creatures, terrorizing the locals. Whenever one of her precious artworks go missing, she tends to shrug, and go out with her camera to make even more. Even stranger is that she never seems to encounter these photo monsters herself. Everyone knows these monsters come from her… but everyone’s too afraid to confront her about it, for fear of her hiding something even more horrible up her sleeve.

She doesn’t, really. But she’s going to keep making those collages until her mysteriously unbreakable camera breaks…

Category: 2011, Horror, Humor, WTF

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