#25 – The Mystic Smithy

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The mystic smithy is a tough sinewy little old man. His head has since expelled all but a thin ring of curled unruly white hairs (only along the back of his neck, and a few stray curls from his neck that still pretend to be a beard). So now his bald head shines with a glisten of sweat at most hours, since he has devoted his life to the production of magical artifacts. His life is part master inventor, part master Wizard, but mostly that of an eccentric hermit. He lives up in a cave amongst the Alppen-range, conversing with fire sprites about the temperatures for perfectly marbled steel, and having tea with wood spirits to make dispensations to acquire the trace minerals he needs for his alloys without harming their lands (or angering them. Nothing ruins your sleep like a dryad kicking your door in with her hooves to berate you on trampling her gardens).

He had put himself in his chosen seclusion for a number of reasons. The other Wizards tired him. They didn’t want to listen to the specifics of his lessons. They just wanted to get the end results. He found too many customers across the known lands, but all they seemed to want were weapons or ways to overpower their rivals. He wanted to find bliss in the pure pursuit of creation, and though he had a wife for a time, she eventually left him when it became obvious he enjoyed his work more than the time he spent with her. Their parting with amicable, and he left her with a recommendation and a kind word written for any children she might have who found The Word, and that she come to him if she need of worldly possessions.

But over time, he grew to understand the real reason in his heart that he left. He was an elementalist himself. He never lost full use of The Word, but his ability to shape metal make certain of that, since he was the inventor of the dampener-bracelets that have become a standard of the few Elementalists known in the world. Since he has made them himself, he has a tendancy to continuously tweak his over time, and adjusted them to aid in his crafting whether he needs more fluidity or the stability of the Word at the moment.

When all has come to pass in the current story, Kendric comes to him requesting apprenticeship. The smithy gladly accepts after he hears of what had happened to Leandra, chuckling that he wouldn’t have told the Wizards about her even if she had come to him.

“But what is done is done, events have passed and cannot be captured again.”

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