26 – Mechaman

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… continued from Character #25, Neotitans…


Born of cutting-edge robotics and acquired extraterrestrial technology, including the Danaian disc of universal knowledge that empowered General Rocky Johnson, Mechaman is the most advanced artificial intelligence on the planet.  A nuclear-powered battle field wonder, Mechaman’s brain patterns were modeled after top tier-military strategists, leading scientist in multiple disciplines and medical professionals of numerous specialties.  Mechaman’s AI system also incorporates many levels of “compassion software” that give the automated soldier a personality, though a gruff and focused one.  The innumerable plates of his body can shift to create a number of weapons, many of which are alien in nature, and reveal a multitude of compartments filled with battle field gear.

The Mechaman project was spearheaded by military leaders in the wake of the Constellation program becoming international under the direction of the United Nations out of fear of the superhumans being turned on the U.S.  This black ops venture remained a secret weapon of last resort due to its effectiveness in taking down rogue extranormals in clandestine operations.  The Danaian Neotitans were the perfect target for this newly unveiled warrior.

Fighting alongside the Secret Soldiers from their mobile base in Mantropolis, Mechaman was crucial in the first successful takedown of one of the transformed superhuman Neotitans in St. Louis beneath the crumbling Gateway Arch.  Finding a chink in the armor of these metal monsters allowed the Secret Soldier to begin effectively fighting back against their insectile oppressors giving hope to the subjugated masses.

The Combat Controllers realized the flaw in their designs and turned their attention on the destruction of the mechanical man responsible for the toppling of their titans.

Mechaman fought valiantly, but the onslaught of Neotitans and Many-Who-Are-One beasts that cornered the automaton were too great a force to handle and the mechanical hero fired his last rounds of ammunition covering his Secret Soldier comrades before he was crushed.  He had the last say in the battle, however, as his nuclear heart was ruptured and the ensuing explosion came with a heavy price for the Danaian attackers.

Mechaman’s death was not without reward, as the Danaian focused their wrath on the mechanical marvel the Man of the Moon and his companion, the Forbiddenaut were able to free, from Danaian imprisonment, the legendary…

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