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Back in August of 2008 on a dare a couple friends and myself challenged ourselves to create a new Green Lantern. My friend Jeff Marsick and co-creator/writer of our comic Z-Girl and the 4 TIGERS, wrote a short story about a female Green Lantern called “Kima’s Tale” It blew me away and was the catalyst for our coming together and collaborating on Z-Girl. But Kima never went any further. So when I was stuck for another character to create Jeff suggested I go back to that short story and bring Kima to life. I realize that Green Lantern is not an original character but Kima certainly is. And who knows maybe somebody at DC will be as inspired by Kima as I was and want Jeff to write her story and me to illustrate it. Hey, we all have to have dreams.:-D


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Father, husband, illustrator, designer and comic book artist. A die-hard Halo videogame addict and zombie apocalypse novel reader. Has way too many comic books and action figures for a man his age. He has had work published by DC, Techno comics, a number of independents and is self published. Currently Kirk is the artist and Co-Creator of the hit indy comic book Z-Girl and the 4 TIGERS. www.zgirl.org See more of kirk’s work at www.studiokm.com

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