#26 Oosailoo

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Oosailoo is a grand scholar among the race known as the Mu. The Mu were at one point a warrior race known for their cold efficiency on the battle field until the first Grand Scholar Oosasoso stopped to read a piece of debris. The message on the paper stopped that war & ever since, the Mu have prided information above all else. Every couple cycles, they send thousands of observers out to gain data, almost as a kind of religious pilgrimage. This year, Oosailoo sends his grandson Oosho. Rite of passage or not, he still worries, as Oosho has always been a bit… stunted.


From a story I’m working on called TransModo. In the story, Oosho, mentioned above acts kind of as a sidekick to one of the characters. I marked this scifi in the sense that this character is an alien & the story he comes from takes place in the future. Otherwise there’s nothing particularly scifi about him. I’m a big proponent of making aliens nothing like humans. Having any human characteristics whatsoever kind of defies probability. Still, that’s a tough order when you got to build something to empathize with. So the Mu characters are kind of stubby white, sloth creatures for the sake of ease. Otherwise, most of the other races are radically different. Another thing was that the planet the Mu’s inhabit is marsh. I meant to kind of dirty up this guy’s robes but it was either dingy it or try to keep reaching for 30. So I’m shooting for the 30.

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