#26 – The Rose Fairy

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The Rose Fairy is the keeper of a lovely rose garden, said to never wilt or wither, hidden in a place that no human is said to reach… or at least leave alive. As soft and demure as she looks, the Rose Fairy guards her garden with an almost paranoid fervor. Those who stumble across her garden are said to be enchanted by the endless perfumes of the flowers, and always attempt to pick or smell the roses… only to find themselves stabbed with a deadly poisonous thorn by a flower-petaled fairy with bright, venom-green eyes.

So much she loves her garden, the Fairy is incredibly egotistical and easily envious of other flowerbeds. It’s said that she tries to visit those with spectacular gardens to strangle their flowers to death. She’s even rumored to have destroyed Eden itself. She blesses those who offer her yellow roses on their doorsteps and porches, and those who find black rose petals in their garden have caught the eye of her wrath.

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