27 – Atomic-Ra

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Relatively unfamiliar stateside, the mysterious hero known as Atomic-Ra made a name for himself in Europe, Africa and throughout the Middle East.  He became active in the mid-1990s gaining fame for saving the Sphinx and several pyramids in Egypt from Donarrian weapon seekers scouring the Saharan sands.  He was offered and accepted a post with the newly global Constellation agency.

Atomic-Ra boasts solar powers in the form of energy claws capable of slicing through nearly anything, including the armored plating of Danaian Neotitans, and devastating solar blasts.  The blasts leave him weakened as he recharges in our sunlight.  It appears that Atomic-Ra’s full body armor also serves as a solar collector constantly recharging the hero.  His powers let him take to the skies to watch over the areas in his charge, as dictated by his superiors in the Constellations.

Atomic-Ra’s armored mythological appearance hides his true nature as an extraterrestrial of the Heliopteryx race, who exist as sentient, bird-shaped fields of raw solar energy.  He was sent to Earth, after word from an outpost on the edge of our solar system that Danaians had visited the planet, by the mighty Horu-Sol, undying fire emperor of the Heliopteryx peoples.  Atom-Ra, as he is known in his own language, was commanded to observe the fledgling human population for signs of Danaian subterfuge.

Atom-Ra’s trans-spatial warp craft was hit by a Danaian light-minuteman sniper sending it hurtling to the Earth.  Atom-Ra was thrown and made landfall in the middle of the Sahara while his ship exploded, scattering its remains across the Atlantic and into the U.S.  One of the ship’s micro-sun capacitors burrowed into the ground in the wilds of the Great Smoky Mountains only to emerge with meteoric force in an Iowan field where it was found by Alden Barron, the Red Giant!

His presence immediately sensed by the Many-Who-Are-One mounts of the Danaian combat controllers, Atomic-Ra was immediately captured by a contingency of African Neotitans and imprisoned.  In captivity, the solar-powered hero learned of the impending arrival of Overlord Plexipus, the appointed ruler of Earth, and a population of Danaians to colonize Earth as part of their intergalactic empire.

Upon rescue by the Man of the Moon, Atomic-Ra revealed the plans of the invaders.  Looking into the night sky with inhuman sight, the Man of the Moon grimaced and, with a contingency of Secret Soldiers, took to the air and rocketed to the moon.  The group of heroes arrived just in time to meet the lunar landing of…

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