28 – Imperial Kaleidoscopic Conqueror

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… continued from Character #27, Atomic Ra…


The Man of the Moon, accompanied by the Forbiddenaut, Red Giant, the Awesomist and Atomic-Ra, arrived on the moon as the Danaian Overlord Plexipus’s Imperial Kaleidoscopic Conqueror, carrying himself and several million Danaians bound for the colonization of Earth, destroyed much of the lunar outpost, operated by men of the moon for millennia, as the gargantuan craft landed.

Powered by a “civilization engine”, akin to, but more advanced than, that used by William Walker’s consciousness to control Mantropolis, the Conqueror presented an insurmountable threat.  While the collected might of the small contingency of Earthly heroes was impressive, the mechanized Conqueror was the size of a small nation.  The group of champions could barely scratch the craft’s dense metal hull.  Acting as an extension of Overlord Plexipus’s will, and that of a crew of engineers, pilots and strategist, the Kaleidoscopic Conqueror lumbered past the quintet setting its sights on Earth.

When all hope seemed lost, the Forbiddenaut began to spasm and expand with energy.  From within the man-sized suit an impossibly large being, writhing with energy crackling tentacles emerged, the black hole beast had been unleashed!

Starting at the base of one of the Imperial Kaleidoscopic Conquerors rear legs the beast began to feed.  The heroes stared in awe at the spectacle, while the Danaian invaders aboard the massive ship watched in horror, as the black hole beast slowly consumed the vessel.

Explosions aside, the Danaian warship was destroyed and Earth was spared.  Or so it seemed.  The black hole beast was not yet sated.


The heroes grabbed the shed body of Robert Spassky, which had housed the beast for years, and attempted to recapture the growing monstrosity.  The effort was in vain as the black hole beast consumed Spassky’s remains and began to consume the moon itself.

The fast thinking of the Awesomist, of all people, saved the moon but created…

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