#28-Andrea Lopez, The Flame Bearer

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Andrea was a typical 15 year old girl, trying to grow up in the city, deal with parents that were away working most of the time, and care for a precocious child she babysits regularly. One evening while hurrying home, she and the boy accidentally stumble upon a magic ritual, with a mad cult intending to harness the powers of elemental spirits and use them to take over the world. Unfortunately for the cult, young Arthur has impulse problems and interrupts the proceedings, resulting in the unleashing of unimaginable forces and the accidental empowerment of Andrea, Arthur and two other children intended for sacrifices by the cult.

Now Andrea is the Flame Bearer, able to manifest as a being of fire and plasma and control the elemental forces of thermal energy. Powers she finds most handy in keeping Arthur in line.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Humor, Scifi, Superhero

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Illustrator/Designer, American expatriate living in Sydney AU, about yea tall and I like most cheeses. You can find my daily sketchblog at: http://www.nathandrawsdaily.tumblr.com

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