#28 – Sillesia Portent

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Sillesia is a beautiful young girl. tall for her age of sixteen, with subtle curves, a bright smile, dark eyes and pale, smooth golden hair. Thadeua Schnagel had taken a liking to her right away, and Sillesia, being a rather naive girl despite having grown up amongst Wizards, took to his affections since he was the first man to ever approach her directly about his feelings. It wasn’t long before those feelings took a more physical bent, though, and Thadeus began manipulating her mind.

The manipulations weren’t clear at first. The other Wizards did not even take note of them, since she was still as cheerful energetic as ever, though she was upset when they forced Thadeus to turn her away for a new apprentice. She met Leandra then, after Thadeus went through yet another appprentice, and she was eager to hear word of how her old ‘mentor’ was doing. Leandra and Sillesia actually got along rather well right away, which eve nsurprised Sillesia. Leandra hadn’t had many friends, and wasn’t used to an earnest interest from other girls her age. They began studying together, and Sillesia was happy for a time to have someone more diligent than herself to bounce ideas off of, grab notes from, and chat about the little tidbits of the life of a young girl that you can’t just keep inside.

In return, Sillesia taught Leandra a few spells to tame her hair and clean her clothes. Sillesia’s specialties had always tended towards domestic tasks. She figured if she was dusting a room or expelling the grime of years with magic, it was still respectable and extaordinary, even if one of the usual maids could have done the same thing in an afternoon with a mop and bucket.

But as Leandra’s apprenticeship began to strain with Thadeus, he found Sillesia again, and coaxed spells into her mind again, so subtly that Sillesia didn’t think about the changes at first. Thadeus didn’t look at her or touch her the way he used too. Too many of the other Wizards were watching him for him to ever have Sillesia the way he used to, but he had so much pent up frustration that he took it out by turning others against Leandra. Soon Sillesia found herself criticizing Leandra for her ill-temper towards Thadeus, and even snubbing their usual times together to ‘teach her a lesson’.

Her ties to Thadeus had been roped in so well by the time the incident happened with Thadeus, that Sillesia openly attacked Leandra in rage that her friend could have attacked the man she ‘still loved’.

The most terrible part of the whole matter is that Sillesia really did have a spark of love for Thadeus deep down. He had showered her with gifts and attention, and she had enjoyed that attention until it was pulled away by her elders. But Thadeus pushed and enhanced that love until it burned like a bitter ember in her stomach, and Maria had to work for years to try and undo the damage. By the time her mind was straightened out, she had grown neutral to Leandra, and couldn’t fathom why she had ever been concerned with the bookish young woman, even though, at the time, those feelings had been the only genuine thing in her life.

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