#28 – Wakanda Fulton

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The Pleiatic Seers are a group of the seven most powerful and pure oracles in the world.  Once every thousand years seven seers are chosen to be part of the creation of a set of prophesies for the next one thousand years. The gathering is called the Prophesy of the Whole and is held on the summer solstice.  The ruling constellation of the ceremony is the Pleiades for mythological reasons (the original seers were the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, hence the name Pleiatic Seers.)  The event is signaled by the birth of a child that contains all seven of the oracle powers – Sight, Touch, Smell, Head, Heart, Spirit-Light, and Blood, who is known as the Pleiona (the mother of the Pleiades in the myth) who is in charge of choosing and gathering all the seers together.  It can take years to find the right ones and then wait for the ages to align corrects – each seer must be a virgin woman between the ages of 7 and 49 (7 years apart each), with a single, specific, and powerful oracle ability.

Wakanda was born the only child to a loving couple with a relationship straight out of a romance novel.  Her father is the wealthy and powerful mayors of a small town in Northern Canada.  He was a billionaire from the US who fell in love with the librarian and local historian of a small town in Alberta he tried to buy in order to uncover a secret buried in the snow by a famous sorcerer over a thousand years before.

When Wakanda, nicknamed Wanda, was born the couple sensed there was something special about her.  By the age of three it became obvious that she was the rarest type of seer – an Odorata, one who can tell the future through smell and taste.  Such seers are rarely discovered because they don’t live past childhood.  She can taste the death of any animal whose meat she eats, and know the victim, murderer, and circumstances of a crime just by smelling dried blood on the pavement.  It’s an overwhelming ability but luckily her parents are caring, understanding, and rich so they moved up north as far from civilization as they could without living alone in the wilderness.

Being surrounded by cold and snow keeps overwhelming odors at bay, and she has a carefully prepared vegetarian diet of all natural foods…and Twinkies, which have no past or future.  No Ordorata seer as ever lived past thirty so they do what they can to make her life happy without spoiling her.  The result is a shy, clever girl with a deep understanding of the seriousness of her responsibilities and the life ahead of her.  She is in many ways very innocent and in other ways very mature.  She is a daydreamer who writes books and is home schooled, who lives in the snow and cherishes the sun.

One word to describe her: Wistful.

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