29 – The Amazinaut

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… continued from Character #28, Imperial Kaleidoscopic Conqueror…


The quartet of remaining heroes on the moon (The Man of the Moon, Red Giant, the Awesomist and Atomic-Ra) watched in horror as the planetary satellite they were standing on was being devoured by the Forbiddenaut’s released black hole beast.  All attacks on the growing monster were shrugged off or went unnoticed.  They continued their ineffective attacks while the beast ate the moon until the Awesomist tried his trademarked Awesome Vision.  The beast stopped.

No one moved as the tentacled terror writhed and turned its attention on the Awesomist, eyes still glowing from his energized blast.  The beast wanted the mysterious energy emitting from the telegenic hero.  Turning in terror the Awesomist pushed of the ground with his Awesome Strength sailing away from the beast in the moon’s lower gravity.  His escape was short lived as the black hole beast sped over the lunar landscape reaching out for the fleeing hero.  With surprising speed, a tentacle grabbed the Awesomist’s foot and dragged him into its enormous mass.

There was a pause and then a small flash of light from within the beast.  The light pulsed again and again, brighter and brighter.  The bursts of energy grew in intensity until the beast, to the tips of its innumerable tentacles was bursting with light.  Then, with a powerful wind the beast imploded.

The beast folded in on itself at an astonishing rate until it was pulled into the abdomen of the energy bursting Awesomist, the new home of the beast.  Where the Forbiddenaut, through means unknown, imprisoned the beast, the Awesomist provided the beast with some desired substance from his apparently limitless energy source.

This symbiotic pairing of the Awesomist and the black hole beast created a new entity, the AMAZINAUT!  The Amazinaut is in complete control over his powers and, seemingly, the beast that hides within allowing him to consume all forms of matter and energy.  After a brief trip back to Earth to aid the Secret Soldiers in cleaning up the last of the Danaians and their Neotitans, the Amazinaut returned to the moon in the company of the Man of the Moon as he was deemed to dangerous to remain on the world.

With the immediate threat of the Danaians circumvented, the world began to rebuild.  The public support of all things extra-normal replaced with distrust and paranoia caused all superhuman activities to go covert.  The Secret Soldiers initiative continues to keep watch over the world, with the aid of the Man of the Moon, for threats extraterrestrial in origin and those more homegrown.  Threats like…

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