#29 – Aiko Ushiba

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The Pleiatic Seers are a group of the seven most powerful and pure oracles in the world.  Once every thousand years seven seers are chosen to be part of the creation of a set of prophesies for the next one thousand years. The gathering is called the Prophesy of the Whole and is held on the summer solstice.  The ruling constellation of the ceremony is the Pleiades for mythological reasons (the original seers were the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, hence the name Pleiatic Seers.)  The event is signaled by the birth of a child that contains all seven of the oracle powers – Sight, Touch, Smell, Head, Heart, Spirit-Light, and Blood, who is known as the Pleiona (the mother of the Pleiades in the myth) who is in charge of choosing and gathering all the seers together.  It can take years to find the right ones and then wait for the ages to align corrects – each seer must be a virgin woman between the ages of 7 and 49 (7 years apart each), with a single, specific, and powerful oracle ability.

Aiko is the youngest of three children and the only girl.  She was born into an old Japanese sorcerer clan living in Tokyo.  She was always a quiet child and once she learned to talk everyone learned why: she could see the future or past of anyone or anything she touched.  She revealed this ability when her parents tried to leave her with a babysitter who was a silent and unknown witness to a gang murder.  She flipped out, not knowing what to make of the images she could see in her mind but knowing they came from the sitter.  It took a long time for her parents to calm her down.

When they finally did they realized that Aiko was a Tacta seer, and a very powerful one to have such an experience at the age of three.  They helped the sitter and used their power and influence to protect her from harm when she agreed to tell the authorities what she had seen, to help Aiko as well as herself since they had basically both experienced it and both needed closure.

They family was surprised at Aiko’s abilities because even though they were a well-established sorcerer clan with a long and proud tradition in Japan’s history, there were never any known seers among the ancestors. This led to a genealogical search which uncovered a dark family secret.  Aiko is the last to be found of the Pleiatic seers and does not have much time to learn about what it is she will soon be going through.  However she is very intelligent and a very fast learner, though she doesn’t talk much and rarely smiles.

One word to describe her:  Intelligent.

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