#29-Lawrence Kirkfield, The Water Bearer

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments


Captured by a cult and intended for sacrifice in a mad plan to harness the power of elemental spirits, Lawrence and his friend Charles were accidentally rescued when a young girl babysitting a boy interrupted the ritual. In the magical maelstrom that resulted, Lawrence was bonded with an elemental spirit of water, and became a vaguely humanoid pillar of liquid, able to control all aspects of the element. This has somehow not enhanced his ability to talk to girls.


Category: 2011, Fantasy, Humor, Scifi, Superhero

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Illustrator/Designer, American expatriate living in Sydney AU, about yea tall and I like most cheeses. You can find my daily sketchblog at: http://www.nathandrawsdaily.tumblr.com

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