#29 – Master Bernard Julius II

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Bernard is the current headmaster of The Academy, though it doesn’t do much for him. He became the headmaster by being appointed by the previous headmaster, and because the rest of the Wizards had no interest in leading other (cats) Wizards around by the nose. Bernard was never particularly aggressive or much of a leadership candidate, but the centuries spent organizing the contents of the castle and arranging treaties with nearby Dutchies and nobles have given him a sense of the size of the world, the chaos of his fellow man, and a feeling that work is never done. The trials of surviving the catacombs contained under the building, various poorly labelled components scattered around the campus, and the jabs and spells thrown at him by his fellow Wizards has kept him on his toes, and he is the most well-rounded of the Wizards at the academy, equally proficient in mending a bone or a book, at growing a lightningstorm in an afternoon or taming a unicorn (provided he can enlist a local town maiden for a few hours)

He has also become the owner of one of the most extensive and varied collections of trophies from around the world, including a vast array of dragonscales and one head from a particularly ornery Chimera (who somehow escaped loosing his other heads). He uses his collection and variety of skills to subdue the machinations of his fellows as well as keep a thriving bartering system goign amongst his colleagues and his contacts amidst the Hansa and nobility that has kept him well taken care of through the years.

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