#29 M’taku – Scientist

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They said it couldn’t be done. That room-temperature fusion was impossible. But I’ve done it. I’ve created a source of limitless energy that will take humanity into the next millennium.

With my discovery, war will be a thing of the past. Why fight over oil, when a thousand times as much power can be harvest from a bucket of seawater? We’ll build ship that can travel between the planets with the same ease that you go down to the market. It is a glorious day that is dawning.

Oh some people will complain about the costs to my research. They scream, “Murderer and war criminal.” I am no criminal. I am a scientist and, as such, am subject to the same fickle mistress that all academics are subject to: the almighty funding.

I went to where my research would be tolerated, if not respected. To a place that I could work in peace.

Did they give me other tasks to work on, other problems to solve? Yes.

Did I provide the simplest answer that caused the least pain and suffering? Yes.

Did suffering still result? Yes.

It is an irrefutable fact that suffering will always exist. All I can do is mitigate that suffering as much as I can. And this new technology will do more to abate it than any other civilization had ever done. Why then, when I can give Humanity the Universe as a playground, do you risk everything to destroy me for the crimes of others?

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