#29 – Pyangas

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The Kvell, after having their home planet completely ravaged by the Ekros’ search for resources, migrated to a new planet, swearing to never have anything to do with the nature-draining technology of the Ekros. Which proved quite a difficult task, since the planet they moved to seemed to be an entire deadly rainforest. They turned to the shamanistic arts to survive, and have evolved into a tough-skinned people who take no nonsense from anyone… and as such, are incredibly hard to deal with, both diplomatically and in combat. They swear to live off the land and the mystic arts, and those amongst them who use modern technology are banished from their world completely… with some groups even killing the blasphemers.

Pyangas is a high shaman in her city, tasked with protecting it from terrible flying monsters that like to come by to try to eat everyone every once in a while.  Like most of the Kvell, she is sturdy and hard-headed, and incredibly brave and proud. She has slayed every monster that has threatened her city, and every Ekros who dares to step foot in it as well.  Pyangas has welcomed many of other races into her home, and is always willing to perform magic for those who ask. She’s eager to share her wisdom and thoughts, although many find her heavy-handed and far too short-sighted.

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