30 – Monarch Mayhem

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… continued from Character #29, Amazinaut…


In the chaos of Queen Qobra’s attack on Washington and the ensuing Danaian invasion the public’s attention was focused on survival.  Korvus Kain’s attention, on the other hand, was focused on amassing power.

Immune to Danaian control, most likely due to his undead nature, he began stalking groups of people hiding from Danaian patrols of Many-Who-Are-One beasts and Neotitans.  Once an urban legend, Kain became a boogey man attached to stories of an unstoppable Danaian assassin.  Kain accumulated more life force than he ever had before, becoming more powerful than he ever imagined.

Seeking more power he drained his personal army of Murder Men and turned his attention on extranormals.  Specifically those injured and interred by the Danaian invasion forces.  He broke into their holding facility and found the cells containing the sedated superhumans and drained them one at a time.  Kain’s mass increased and he found that he could levitate by expelling some of his pent up power.  Kain’s break in and murder spree did not go unnoticed.  A squadron of Neotitans was called in to deal with the facility intruder.

The amped up Kain stood toe-to-toe with the metal colossi, toppling them in his escape beneath the waves of the ocean adjacent to the prison.  Finding refuge on a small, uninhabited Atlantic island, Kain bided his time, powers dwindling, until a freighter full of supplies destined for Europe in the wake of the defeat of the Danaians.  In Europe, Kain began his killing spree anew, trying to recapture the power he once possessed.

In Paris he caught word of a secret DGSE facility housing captured extranormals and extraterrestrials.  Making his way to the remote warehouse under the cover of darkness, Kain killed the ten men guarding the facility and entered hoping to quench his thirst.  In the first room he came to he found a single woman asleep in a locked room.  As Kain moved in for the kill, he was stopped in his tracks.

Reine de Chance rose from her feigned sleep armed with otherworldly technology.  Angered at a recent string of murders Kain committed that upset her business plans, Reine de Chance had a device cobbled together by a Donarrian, under much duress, to defeat the undead monster prowling her city.  When warned by the Donarrian, in the last moments of his life, that the device would as likely kill her as it would Kain, Reine de Chance replied “what is life without risks?”


While the device did kill Kain and not Reine de Chance, it did not leave her unmarked.  The powerful curse that once plagued Korvus Kain had found a new home.  The queen of chance’s empire includes stocks of synthetic Danaian virus, one used to empower Queen Qobra’s Soldiers of the Serpent, which ensure that this monarch has a steady stream of extranormal victims.

The evil that Reine de Chance once wrought will only pale in comparison to the destruction that is sure to follow Monarch Mayhem!

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