#30 Kitsune

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Yay, once again, survived.

Considering the last four weeks, I thought it would be appropiate to sign off with a kitsune ( a fox, able to transform into a human), this challange and something else.

This male kitsune enjoys summer festivals and visits them as often as he can and he is also a welcomed guest, since he is a quite talented musician. It looks like he has disguised himself very well, but when you look closer, you will be able to notice his pointy ears, as well as he has only three fingers ( I tried to copy  the paw of a fox). And he is very tall, which is because he wasn’t able to change his paws into human feed, so he is wearing a very lage yukata to hide them. Even he allready has visited so many summer festivals, he still fails at wearing his yukata correctly (his collar has to be another way round, usually, the right side is on top.)

But noone has noticed until now and he is enjoying the festivals.


So, that’s all for now, I will try to update my characters as sson as possibly, I promise.

Once again, I had a lot of fun and I think  I was better in time management this year. However, I’m a bit disappointed of my work, since some characters just didn’t turn out like I wanted them to and I wasn’t able to do all I wanted due to lack of creativity at the moment.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to next year and wishing you all a nice December ^_^

See you

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