#30 – Baerr’a’Him’Eiren’al

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“They don’t have Tunen there, Sal,” Leandra shook her head quickly.

“No Tunen?” Salvitore blinked in confusion, “No guilds?”

Leandra shrugged helplessly.

“No wonder the boy is so confused,” Salvitore mumbled

Kendric growled, “I’m not confused! You all just make things too complicated, and you ignore what IS complicated!” He threw down the tail of the rope as he finished the net he’d made to accommodate the lodestone Salvitore had grown by merely touching. With and additional the rock tied securely around his waist, the lodestone was finally tethered evenly. “The islands are alive, they’re a delicate ECOSYSTEM! All you landers don’t understand, that’s why we don’t invite you up! You fish without farming, you farm without watching, and you watching without understanding!”

“I would very much like to understand… just give me a chance,” Salvitore sighed. “Life is my calling. Please,” Salvitore pleaded to Kendric with a stuttering whisper, “please let me see the Isle with my own eyes…”

The final character for this month. The isle of Himmerd itself. Within the realm of Issendoth and beyond, there are a myriad of fae, elementals, spirits, creatures, etc. Summoners are well known for seeking the words of the world, to summon, contain, capture and control the various lifeforms outside of humanity. What everyone had been missing before the current story was that the fabled isle of Himmerd was ITSELF alive. It was a large and complicated creature that couldn’t easily be compared to a rabbit anymore than a human, but it was alive. It had feelings, desires, interests, and it could love. It held a deep affection for the creatures and humans who lived on its surface, and it grow and breathed like any other creature. From its kin the lodestones formed and were pushed to the surface, like pearls to a clam or sweat on a horse’s back. Throughout its body were caves, channels, even water and other strange liquids. Plants, flowers, and growth of all kinds sprung up from its surface ever season the eons ago when it was thrust out of the world’s crust, and a spark of life first ignited within its rocky core. But like most large creatures, it’s birth was slow, and it’s mind was even slower to form. It isn’t until the second battle on its back that it reaches out to find someone to whisper its name to. The one it finally tells it to is Kendric, as the first Wizard to speak the word kindly to it. As the first child it had reared who had grown to know magic. But it also told Kendric its name out of fear, because it would rather have someone kind and dutiful like Kendric know it’s name, then a sinister and powerful man like Drahomir know it.

And so it whispered to him, “I am the child of earth, born in the sky, Baerr’a’Him’Eiren’al”

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