30 – Bison by Beausephus

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DATE OF CREATION:  Early 1990’s

CONCEPT:  A mythological minotaur style demon is conjured and trapped in the modern era… a bas-ass ancient minotaur getting into hip-hop culture, playing b-ball in the West Village, and pulling out a gigantic cleaver when he gets fouled.



So this character was just a guy I liked to draw and to call him a fully fleshed out character is stretching the truth a bit.  I tried to pair him up wit different character, mining the same vein as one of my favorite comics as a kid, POWER MAN AND IRON FIST.  So when I last left Bison he was the Kevin Bacon of street level and mystic characters he was connected to everyone.  I’m not sure if he’s a lead character, but the very broad concept of Bison makes for some great secondary character/comic relief gold.


So…the final entry…

30 characters in 30 days.


I really learned a great deal about what I want out of my own style and creative outlets, but I also received so much great feedback and support from the inspiration comments from so many great folks and just the talent that this contest unleashed into my world… this is why the interent is so mazing….all of these amateur artists and creators getting a wide audience to just show our little corner of the artistic universe in one place.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and checked out my work and I cannot express how muc it meant ot me and my son to read all of the great things those of you sent messages wrote.


So thank you to the organizers and iFanboy for reminding me to sign up, and to everyone else…much love…


–  beausephus


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Teacher, Playwright, Performer & Superhero Enthusiast. My first crayon drawings were of Superman and Captain America. I always wanted to draw comics but never followed that passion beyond some self-published zines and forays into early internet comics. I've worked in various aspects of graphic design and fooled around with a spray can at various stages of my life, keeping my pen busy and full of various inspirations for the doodles in the margins of my notebooks. Inheriting an iPad changed my productivity with the ability to draw, edit, color and post onto the internet via one device in the limited time I have to mess around with my doodles and drawings. My 5-year-old son is my biggest fan and the main reason for my artistic renaissance. He's the reason I'm drawing more often and the person I draw the most for. For the 30 CHARACTERS challenge this year, he is my co-conspirator and collaborator. His excitement and innocent love of superheroes and drawing has kept my inner cynic/critic at bay and we are having a blast this year making up a whole new universe of heroes, robots and monsters for the internet. -updated Oct. 2012

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