#30 – End

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

A creature merely known as “End,” it represents neither death nor life… simply obliteration. It slithers into worlds, cities, homes, people, minds, and wipes away whatever it wants. It makes no sound, and it can hardly be seen. It’s the destroyer of life, memory, mass, energy, laws of physics, and all things. Nothing can stop it, and it’s pointless to try. It’s formless in every way. It can end all sorts of things at all sorts of scales… from tiny bacteria, to entire civilizations, to entire universes.

Some think End eats away parallel, failed universes, or eats away at time itself, destroying whatever else it wants out of sheer boredom or spite. Some say it is merely the “physical” manifestation of fate. Whatever it is, it’s clearly not of our world.. or of any world. Only one thing can be certain… that someday, End will come for our world, our entire world.

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