#30 – Kassan Ske, the God of Rage

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To say that Kassan Ske was ever a mortal being is to imply some sort of mundana or knowable status to a being that, while existing on the known planes, was a veritable force of destruction.

Called ‘The Red Slaughter’ by his Heralds, Kassan Ske was a fiend made flesh- an experiment gone shockingly awry- an embodiment of ogrish brutality, draconic fiery terror and the full corruption of pure, abyssal evil. Worse, he brought out these same traits in his followers and soldiers, making them all abominations, capable of vicious brutalities on the battlefield- and no remorse for the weak or defenseless. His ascension was as inevitable as the march of his forces. It will take the combined efforts of the forces of good to keep his hideous machinations in check.

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