#30 – Rattila Half-elf

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Day 30 - Rattila Half-Elf by George Ward

Rattila  is the bastard child of Lovalor (day 29) and an Elf Princess who died in child birth  (long story).  She was exiled from the elf community as soon as she was old enough to survive on her own and she traveled to a human village which rejected her because of her elven blood.  She learned to hate both elves and humans and made her way to communities that had many mixed races.  She had to learn to fend for herself and became quite a skilled fighter.  She was also hard hearted and was willing to steal or kill to survive. She  eventually met Adrika (Day 14) and became her loyal body guard.  The two of then have become an unstoppable force ever since, much to the horror of anyone who crosses their path.

Lovalor (Day 29) is unaware of any of this but he is aware that he has a child somewhere and is out looking for her.  How will he react when he sees what she has become?  How will she react meeting her father for the first time?  That is a story for another day.

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