#30 Seth Wight

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Seth Wight was a great detective.

When he got killed 20 years ago, he was at the top of his field, the best of the best. That’s where the story would end.

But this is no normal story.

In 1950, Seth found himself alive again. All his memories intact, A fully-furnished apartment/office. A pack of his favorite smokes. His fedora and suits cleaned and updated for the times. Everybody knew he died and unsure how he came back, but they accepted his return with open arms as Junction Point’s greatest detective has come back to solve murders, thefts, and heists that police officers can’t.

Little does he know he’s being trailed by the Woman in Yellow., the woman who killed him in the first place.

Seth Wight: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount

Category: 2011, Drama, Scifi

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