#30 – The Tri-Iko

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The Tri-Iko are the guardians of Rykiki, a wild and mountainous land whose few inhabitants suffer frequent attacks by dragons, ogres, giants, and all sorts of other dangerous predators.  At least it did – generations ago.  Today it’s a mostly peaceful land thanks to the original guardian who passed the sacred duty down through his family.  But as the years passed and no knew threats came the need for the guardians died out and now the Tri-Ikos are the last of the family line and are determined to bring back the guardian tradition and fulfill the sacred duty of their family.

The villagers and government view them as eccentric idiots or children playing a game and no one takes them seriously.  Of course all that changes when their land is threatened by a terrifying force no one can understand – a teenage high school student from a futuristic world in an alternate dimension.  When they share this information with the locals they are finally taken seriously – as in “you kids seriously need help”, and they’re thrown in what passes for a mental institution, which is pretty much like a prison, only worse.

The future girl – named Karen – rescues them and seeks their help searching for an important clue to a mysterious and almost forgotten landmark, and warns them that she’s been followed by people who are actually dangerous (she really isn’t).  Eager to uphold their sacred duty they join her in fighting foes far more dangerous than dragons or giants and discovering the secret to a long forgotten treasure trove of scientific technology.

Riko is the oldest and is the leader of the trio.  He is a good leader and a great fighter, but he’s impulsive and often acts without thinking.  Niko is the middle-child and she is very intelligent, specializing in strategy.  Although she may seem arrogant and unsocial at first it’s just her way of dealing with being shy and not wanting to be laughed at anymore.  Miko is the youngest and is the builder, creating all kinds of weapons that she co-designs with Niko.  She also loves to cook and is generally in charge of the domestic stuff like cooking, sewing, and laundry, which she enjoys doing. Her nickname is “Little Mother”.

Their father died before they were born and their mother died when they were 12, 10, and 9 respectively, leaving them for fend for themselves.  They were raised in the run-down gatehouse on the grounds of the ancestral home – a crumbled and decaying castle that was accidentally burned to the ground a hundred years ago.

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