Character #27

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This is the Kpop blackmailed star. The left version is how he looked before he escaped on his US concert tour. His Kpop stage name was Dae-Ho but his real name is Tristan. He was American born and moved to Korea with his family. After a mysterious murder, he was blackmailed by a music company that scouted him for years to become to Kpop star. He becomes extremely exhausted and overworked from all the concert tours, recording, dancing and public appearances as if  he were a slave. He escaped when he was out on his requested US tour, ran into a desperate fan who had her ticket money spent by her sister, shaved his head (yes the hairstyle on the right is a bad representation of it) and lived in hiding with her. He is 19 years old, and rough. He has a soft heart for the fan since she’s nice to him and helps him hide.


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A Trinidadian girl who likes to draw and write stories. I love creating original characters so this will be fun for me. It will also give me a chance to be creative :D Tumblr:

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