Character #30

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This is Juju, a 13 year old (I suck at drawing 13 year olds, lol) who lives with her dad in isolation in an unknown part the rain forest. They study new species of animals together but is one day taken away from her home when her father is killed by other scientists who want to claim hi work ass their own. She found by another group of scientist when she escapes from the bad ones and taken to
England. One of the scientists, Elda, adopted her but Juju only gives her trouble and rebels. Juju spends time trying to fit in with kids her age and cope with the trauma she faced in South America.


(Ignore that hand.)

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A Trinidadian girl who likes to draw and write stories. I love creating original characters so this will be fun for me. It will also give me a chance to be creative :D Tumblr:

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