Crystal Rollins – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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Well, I did it. About all I did this month was cook, draw characters, and watch Deep Space 9. I’m hoping that I’ll have a chance in the next few months to dive back into research on the Hanseatic League and the 1500’s in the low-countries of Europe.  But for now, here’s the breakdown!




    And you can find the rest of the written entries here:

The only part I feel bad about is that I wasn’t able to finish all the entries as drawings. But in the end, I’m not certain how much time that saved me, because I ended up spending 30-40 minutes a piece even writing up new characters! I know one thing, though: I’m really excited about this book. I feel like I’ve brought together fictional people that are full of flaws but could come together for the right reasons, and fight it out hilariously. I already see possbilities for comedy, drama, fights and romance. And with each character I could imagine new chunks of territory in the world I’m trying to build. This month was a great experience, and ten-fold more sucessful than last year! (where I only finished 3 characters…)


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