Day 28, 29, 30

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At last complete!

Marianne Stokes works for Madame Striker as a waitress in the tavern of her brothel. Marianne never speaks to anyone, although her eyes are what will generally make others uncomfortable. Her red and white uniform implies that she is in fact off limits and not available for customers. No one is entirely sure why though.
B.W. are his initials, he never uses his name in introductions. He is an iterdimensional traveller and a shapeshifter. Though it is often easy to pick him out in certain dimensions, seeing as the one he is from has no colour meaning everything he shifts into is always patterend black and white. He claims to be a scholar but it’s more likely his chasing someone or somthing that has been lost.

Chartresse is the darkhanded maiden, who has eyes for the past present and future. Often when she comes to an individual it is to teach them a lesson of sorts, her white hair brings images of things long gone while her dark magic shows what could be. No one knows how she came to be and many assume she always was. She is not treated as a Godess perse but she appears to have some form of divinity nonetheless.

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