Days 5 through 14.

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So here are 10 more of my girls. I’m really sad I didn’t make it, but, really, it all started to go down hill from the moment my step-son thought it funny to break my scanner and I really was just way too busy (I’m in the process of opening up a little school) to accomplish this.

Anyway, their names are:

#05 Dawne
#06 Ellyn
#07 Fawne
#08 Gabrielle
#09 Harmonie
#10 Ivy
#11 Jocelyn
#12 Kady
#13 Leah
#14 Mandy
I love most of them, some of them do need a lot more work. I intend on finishing the last 15 before new years, but ler’s see how that goes.

I’ll be making a post on my blog [] describing the conceptualization process in greater detail, also, remember these girls are intended to be immortalized in pin-up form soon (The ones I like the most at least, and I’m open to opinions on which ones to work on).

See you guys next year!

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