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Well, considering I am not an artist and I was basically learning to draw all over again as I did this, I had a blast. It was a great way to get the creative juices flowing. I would make characters and then see connections that I didn’t before. Originally, my Super Steel Warriors were four characters completely independent of one another. However, when I looked at them on the list (because I wrote the ideas out in my notebook), I thought they’d work well together. I like that aspect of this challenge. It can get the juices flowing and give ideas you didn’t even know you were thinking about.

I’m planning on using some of these characters later on (some sooner than others), but I hope to get use out of all of them. The last two I made just came to me as I was sitting at school (which has the name Samurai in it). I was joking with the music teacher and was sketching and started out with a disembodied head. Then it turned into a ghost. Then next to her was a guy. Then he became a werewolf. Then he became a samurai werewolf. I was really excited by that. I had been wracking my brain for the last characters and it just came from nothing. Magical.

I really enjoyed doing this and seeing all of the amazing, unique ideas people brought to the table. I’m looking forward to next November when I can try again.

Later Days

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I have been out of college for two years but have been lucky enough to achieve so much in that time. I am currently hard at work on my first comic project as well as teaching English in Japan. I am a writer and, if I may be completely honest, can draw little more than stick figures. Still, I will put forth my best effort to stick to the 30 in 30 days timeline. I wish everyone else the best of luck.

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