G. Brett Williams #28 – Gunshy

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Gunshy is the superhero name young Callie Johnson adopts for herself after the tragic death of her brother.  Callie is a high school student in an area of Capetown with a lot of low income families and a lot of problems with gang violence.  Her whole life, she has been very close with her older brother, Bryce, who is only two years older than herself.  Both Bryce and Callie shared an affinity for athletics, with Bryce being a star on both the basketball and football teams and Callie being an excellent runner and boxer, as well as an accomplished skateboarder and parkour runner.  Growing up where they did, it was hard to avoid the gangs.  Even though neither of the Johnsons were directly involved with the gangs, some of their oldest friends were.  Bryce especially had a hard time cutting ties with his friends who had taken to wearing colors, and it was that very fact that got him killed.  His Senior year, Callie’s sophomore, Bryce was involved with an altercation at a local hangout between his friends and a rival gang.  When that gang came seeking revenge, Bryce was caught in their retributive strike and killed, a bright future taken from him and his family.  On that day, Callie Johnson vowed that she would do everything she could to end the gangs and their stranglehold on her community.  On that day, she became Gunshy, the young female superhero who completely rejected the use of firearms.

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